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Houston Kidney Specialists Center’s (HKSC) mission is to “Improve the lives of our patients by providing customized, comprehensive, high quality kidney care.” That means providing you not only the medical treatment you need but also ensuring you are armed with information to help you and your family understand your health, make informed decisions and get answers to your questions as soon as possible.

That’s why we’ve created an online Patient Education Center. We know your questions do not come up only during our office hours so HKSC physicians have developed a comprehensive library of information to provide you and your family more information on the most common kidney disease-related topics when you want it.  It’s part of our commitment to you through HKSC’s Continuum of Caring.

HKSC Blogs written by HKSC physicians are also available.



Diet & Dialysis


Home Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis

Kidney Disease & Management

Anemia & Kidney Disease

Bone Disease & Kidney Function

Calcium & the Kidney Diet

Diabetes & Kidney Disease

Glossary of Terms

High Blood Pressure & Kidney Disease

How Kidneys Work

Nutrition & Kidney Disease

Phosphorous & the Kidney Diet

Potassium & the Kidney Diet

Protein & the Kidney Diet

Vitamins & Chronic Kidney Disease

What is Kidney Disease


Diabetes and Transplants

Donors and Transplants

What is Kidney Transplant?


What is Vascular Access?

Patient Resources

National Kidney Foundation

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders (NIDDK)

American Association of Kidney Patients

Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation


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