New Physician Announcement: Welcoming Dr. Tsegaw Egziti

We are excited to announce that Dr.Tsegaw Egziti joined the HKSCMD team in June 2019. Dr. Egziti completed his Internal Medicine Residency at University of Texas Southwestern Austin Regional Program in 2014. He then continued to follow his passion in Nephrology and completed Nephrology fellowship at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX in 2016. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in both Internal Medicine and Nephrology. After completing his fellowship, Dr. Egziti practiced Nephrology in Pittsburgh, PA before relocating to Houston, TX.

He is regarded by his patients as a very compassionate and caring physician who gives time due for each individual patient. He is well sought after by referral base for his knowledge, communication skills and care he renders consistently.

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