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I started seeing Dr. Devaraj in February 2016 when I had kidney failure and I have been under his care since then. I love him to pieces, his mannerism and his care for patients is remarkable. If anyone is looking for a good kidney doctor, I highly recommend him. He is always there if you ever need to see him before your appointment date, it is not a problem he will see you right away. He is a sweetheart

~ R. Ochs

Dr. Sultan is one of the best Doctors I ever met. He literally saved my life. He has been my doctor for about 5 years, and I am so grateful for him and his nurses. I was on dialysis for about a year and because of him I was able to get off dialysis. Even my family is very grateful for him as well. He is so kind and always has a smile. I am so blessed that god put him in my life as my Doctor.

~ Valerie Ayala

Dr. Egziti is an excellent doctor. He is very attentive to patient’s needs and always attends to care when needed. I would highly recommend this doctor to any of my friends.

~ Maryann Johnson

Dr. Devaraj has been my Nephrologist for over 10 yrs. When I had the stroke, Dr. Devaraj was there in the middle of the night for me and my family. I was in a coma for 30 days and during my hospitalization, Dr. Devaraj came in every day to check on me and my wife. After I got discharged from the hospital and was transferred to Healthsouth, he continued to care for me every day. He also helped coordinate my kidney transplant with St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indiana in July 2014 even though he practiced in Houston and since then he has been monitoring my kidney function post kidney transplant. Now that I have relocated 200 miles away, I still retain Dr. Devaraj as my Nephrologist and travel to Houston to see him. He is always willing to accommodate me in case I need to be seen sooner and there are no long waiting times to see him. He is a fabulous doctor that takes his time with me and my wife and we never feel rushed.

~ Richard Pellow

Dr. Sultan is a remarkable physician. His integrity is above reproach. His knowledge and decision making are sharp and clear. His compassion and understanding of individual circumstances make for a totally workable plan. He is pleasant, capable, and positive in every situation and works well with family in addition to caring for his patient. Dr Sultan's hallmark is that he cares for his patients in the most dedicated way. We trust him completely and hold him in the highest regard

~ Steve and Margaret Swafford

Dr. Egziti and Ms. Natalie Bernard, Thank you for the special care you provided me during my recent stay at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital. I always enjoyed your visits and had competence that your guidance through some issues, primarily low sodium, was the "best". Best regards, and again thank you for your guidance through my difficult times recovering from an accident.

~ R.M. Henry

I want to thank Dr. Sultan for taking care of my husband Mike when he was admitted into the ICU. He always reviewed my husband’s chart with me and would explain his condition to me in terms that I could understand. If he was not able to answer a question, he always made sure someone could answer the question for me. He collaborated well with the whole team of doctors caring for my husband. He would also update me when his associate was covering for him and he too was very encouraging and motivating. I do not think my husband could have survived the additional 28 days during his critical last days if Dr. Sultan had not been taking care of him. He was my source of strength and I will never forget the care and support he provided. Thank you for being such a caring person and amazing doctor

~ Dale Maddox

Dr. Devaraj and his team are wonderful. It feels good to be treated with professionalism and care. They make me feel that I’m in safe hands. Coming here is like being with your family. I have been with them for years. I have always been able to talk to Dr. Devaraj and get all my questions and concerns resolved. They always return phone calls the same day. This is the best team of medical staff I have been around in a long time. Even when Dr. Devaraj and his staff are very busy they always take the time to make me feel like I was the only patient there. He never rushes during my office visit, he always listens and takes his time with me. Thank you to all his medical staff and Dr. Devaraj for being there and taking care of me.

~ Hiasira Arriaga

When I first met Dr. Sultan, he was very compassionate towards me as a patient. I also noticed that he was a spiritual person as well, which made me choose him as my Nephrologist. He always tracked me down even when I did not go to my visits. He was always there to help me along the way. As Dr. Egziti has become involved in my care, he has exhibited this same compassion as well. They make me feel that I am not just a number. They truly have a lot to offer and really care for the patient. Natalie the nurse practitioner goes above and beyond and follows through on everything that is requested. It truly shows who they are collectively as a practice.

~ Traci Smith

As a Physician working with Dr. Pankow, I am impressed by his professionalism, dedication and commitment to the practice of Medicine. He diligently prioritizes his patients and is attentive to their needs. It is a joy to work with him.

~ Dr. Angelina Edwards

Jon is a kind and thoughtful physician who consistently advocates for the best interest of his patients. His academic approach to medicine, which includes staying current with the latest and greatest innovations in medicine ultimately reflects his dedication to his patients. He is a trusted physician and colleague, and the kind of doctor you would want for you and your family

 ~ Dr. Biruh Tesfa Workeneh

Dr. Pankow is a “people person”. He has a warm, caring bedside manner that really should emulated by all physicians. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of kidney disease. I would definitely trust him to take care of any of my family members.

~ Dr. Amit Lahoti  

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